Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Hip Replacement Revision Is Announced

This blog, as some of my eleven faithful followers may recall, began as a creative outlet (read: distraction to prevent full-blown insanity) when I was preparing to have a total hip replacement about four years ago.

Guess what? 

After being in pain (intermittent, not nearly as bad as before the surgery, but still, pain is pain) for about seven months, after having MRIs and exams and blood tests, after trying Pilates and massage and chiropractic, I’m going to replace the replacement.

Well, I’m not going to, but Dr. Mayman, the surgeon who put it in, is going to take it out and put in another one.

The reason for all this is that, as you may recall, after much agonizing I decided to get the Metal on Metal (MOM). 

I'm Glad I Didn't Get the Optional Matching Tattoo

And this can cause elevated metal levels, which, in some patients, causes inflammation, and then, you know, pain. And God knows what else.

I’m in the 5% this happens to.

When I got my blood tested the second time, after returning from Israel, the surgeon told me that some people are recommending you remove the metal hip if levels are over 10. “Yours are 80,” he said, wincing a little.

My metallic blood ran cold.

The next day, I called his office and got on the schedule. Surgery is November 2.

O the many pleasures that await.

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